JULY 29 2022

We made the news today hitting the front page of the Yorkshire Evening Post and a full article on page 3.  It gives an overview on most of what we are doing but it's important we reaffirm that what we are doing is firmly to benefit the local community and while we are aiming to add a world first to help with accessibility, our main thrust is to get a world class skatepark for all users and in the main to benefit the youngsters of Roundhay and wider Leeds.



JULY 26 2020

Our first outing as a team to promote the skatepark and build awareness and the first time the public got to find out what we were up to.  A brilliant day with the highlight being when we met a lovely couple who were helping a young man around the festival who had Cerebral Palsy.  we got chatting and they said it may not be for him as he is too wobbly.  at which point we began chatting around our ambitions to create a system to allow less able bodied people like him, able to use sections of the skatepark just like on of our teams daughter.  
Seeing the Young mans face light up ( we missed your name! if you read this please get in touch) it was wonderful and it cemented the team that we were on the right track with our accessibility and inclusivity aims.  A great day all round despite the incredible heat and loads of the local skaters, Bmx'ers and all sorts of folk came out to see us, register their interest, buy a t-shirt or sticker and let us know they were behind us.  Thanks to all the organisers for letting us have a space at the festival and also the St Johns ambulance for letting us crash their space.  And thanks to everyone that came out and chatted.