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We are fundraising for a new skatepark

The Roundhay skatepark project was started by a local group of skateboarders, BMX'ers, rollerbladers, rollerskaters and parents who want to transform the current run down skatepark into something not only fit for the local neighbourhood, but for the 1.2 million visitors to the park every year.  Our aim is to create a world class skatepark for the whole of Leeds, Yorkshire and beyond.  Beyond a skatepark, we also aim to develop the site for less able bodied and disabled people to allow them to use the facility.  A world first right here in Roundhay!

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Why Skateparks are so amazing for the community

A skatepark is a safe place for individuals and groups to challenge themselves, to encourage and be encouraged, to set and achieve their own goals while learning to manage risk along the way. It’s a place where people build healthy habits like self-directed exercise and creative expression. It’s a place where people learn how to persevere and the value of persistence. A place to experience accomplishment and build confidence. A skatepark is an attractive, accessible and safe recreational facility for all. A community gathering space for skaters, families and the entire community. The benefits of skateparks are becoming more clear as research shows the physical and socioemotional benefits of the activity and the space

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Simply click the link to donate as little as £10 to the new skatepark fund.  

When you donate, 100% of the funds go directly to the new skatepark fund via our partners "Friends of Roundhay Park" 

We will soon be adding gifts with set sponsorship amounts - keep checking back for details or follow our social accounts for ore details 

You can donate £10, £25, £50 or as much as you like.  If you would like to donate more than our current set amounts just get in touch via the link.  

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